Tartan’s Product Update — December 2021

Tartan Product Update December 2021
Tartan 6 month review 2021
Tartan — Six month review

Increasing our Employer Coverage 💥

We strive to expand our employee coverage each day, and we remain pretty successful. In December, we’ve expanded our coverage by 150+ employers such as giants like Crisil, TransUnion, and emerging startups like Shipsy, ClassPlus, and BankBazar to name a few within the Sync Journey for direct integration-based verification. Our employee coverage has now grown to 1500+ employers.

Tartan Employee Coverage

Major Product Release 🎯🚀

Our Plug & Play API Solution is now live

In our constant quest to improve income and employment data for our customers, we have now embedded solutions that ease the process for the end-users.

  • Quicker and fool-proof verification.
  • Reduced TAT for underwriting and disbursing loan amount.
  • Reduction in drop-offs at Verification Stage.
  • Reduction in cost and manpower for employment and income verification of applicants.
Tartan Product Release

Major Feature Release 🔗

Get downloaded payslips from the sources to the normalized TartanHQ data fields

Payslips download is available on the dashboard. Payslips download through API response is coming soon!

Tartan API

API Documentation is now live! 📣

Being a FinTech Infra startup, we realized early on how important it is to provide a developer-friendly experience. That’s why we are releasing our API documentation.

Tartan API

Batik’s Brand New Website

We have launched the Batik website.

  • HomeCapital: Down Payment Assistance Program & Singularity Personal Loans.
  • XPCover: Hospicash Insurance, Critical Illness Insurance & Super top-up Insurance.

Payroll APIs will be the next frontier for lending

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Tartan is an employee consent-driven data exchange platform that enables real-time employment & income verification.