Tartan’s Product Update — February 2022

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Tartan Product Update — February 2022

The first month of the year was full of actions, phew! Here is what we achieved the last month.

Data is great if it has depth

Our team has been able to increase our data depth by 100%. Now, we offer more than 30+ data points (on an average) about applicants through the payroll APIs.

We have different categories of data points like:

  • Personal Details: Includes data like Aadhar, PF, UAN, date of birth, gender, and more.
  • Work Profile: Includes data like date of joining, work email/phone, manager name, employment type — permanent or contractual, time type — full-time or part-time.
  • Income Details: Includes data like basic salary, HRA & other allowances, income tax, and more.
  • Bank Details: Includes data points like bank account details (account number, IFSC, name), mode of payment.
  • Career Details: Includes data like previous employer name, previous role, job location, and more.
Tartan’s Valuable Data points
Valuable Data Points

Added new employers to bolster our coverage further

We were able to add many new employers last month by integrating with Zoho Payroll. Now employees from companies like Oxfordcaps, Purpleslate, CredRight, Vedatya, Indiefolio, Mantra Mall, Tartlabs, and many more can verify their income & employment on Tartan.

Tartan Data Coverage
Tartan Data Coverage

Stellar conversion rates using Salary Upload feature

We helped one of our clients achieve more than 12% conversion using our Payslip Upload feature. The increase in the application completion rate of the targeted traffic that flows on our client’s website is a very big achievement for both teams.

Tartan’s Payslip Upload feature
Tartan’s Payslip Upload feature

Get ready for GigStack and FreelanceStack

As the world is moving towards work-life freedom, a lot more people tend to be solopreneurs. These include gig workers, freelancers as well as content creators (on platforms like YouTube, Instagram, etc).

So much so that the number of these solopreneurs in one of the world’s fastest-growing economies can’t be ignored anymore. That’s why we are gearing towards launching new solutions for the Future of Work. Stay tuned on this front!

Tartan’s GigStack and FreelanceStack
Tartan’s GigStack and FreelanceStack

Introducing Crypto Paycheck as an Employee Benefit

Now with the most recent budget in India showing some signs of ‘Crypto acceptance’ as a mode of ‘asset’, we’ve started working on how individuals can adopt it quicker.

Introducing Crypto Paycheck — Your employees can now get a % of their paycheck in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, USDC & many more with just a few clicks.

  • Give your employees the flexibility to get paid in the choice of their crypto
  • Make global payroll a breeze by paying your international employees in crypto
  • Show your employees that you are crypto-savvy

Putting some of your paychecks into crypto is a good way of ‘averaging into crypto’ instead of trying to time the market, and through Tartan, we’re working hard to make it a reality. If you are a crypto-savvy employer just like us and would like to pay your employees in crypto, join our waitlist here.

Read our latest blog to understand better!

Tartan — Crypto Paycheck as an Employee Benefit
Crypto Paycheck as an Employee Benefit

Find out how Tartan is pioneering user consent-driven payroll data exchange in India, which plays different roles in people’s daily lives behind the scenes, making their financial lives easier.

In the meantime, we’d love to hear any feedback you have on our products and what we can do to make them even better. If you have any questions or feedback, contact us!

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