Tartan’s Product Update October 2021

Empowering businesses to build and deliver financial products and services with Employment Data Gateway & Employee Benefits.

4 min readNov 1, 2021
Tartan’s Product Updates
Tartan’s Product Updates

We have been receiving positive responses from you all and we decided to bring you our product updates and showcase our team’s achievement every month starting from October this year.

TartanHQ — An employee consent-driven data gateway platform that enables real-time employment & income verification.

Our mission 💥

To enable every business to build and deliver financial products and services with our Employment Data Gateway and Employee Benefits Marketplace. We have made significant progress since launching the beta version of our products.

The last few weeks, we have been on the run to continuously beta test our product, taking all the inputs from our users and first set of customers to iterate the product continually. It has been a dream run right now and we have exciting updates for you in our first Product Update Blog for this month. Let’s go 🚀🚀…

Seamless Payroll API Connectivity For Income & Employment Verification

Without further ado, let us showcase to you our ‘SYNC’ product which is now available in two variants, No-code and Low-code.

Through the No code solution, you can get started right away by accessing the dashboard and inviting your users through email and SMS to verify their income and employment. Our no-code solution offers an embeddable white label link and takes less than 2 days to integrate with your application.

Why is this important?

Customers can now connect their payroll account right inside your product without leaving your product, EVER! This not only lets you provide a frictionless onboarding experience but also lets you improve your credit underwriting models since you are getting income & employment data right from the source (payroll systems) of your users/customers.

Our continual effort

We continue to process more employment records every month and are excited to share that in September we added some big-name companies to this list: Deloitte India, Adani, and more. The full coverage list of all the employers we have onboarded can be found here.

Tartan Sync
Our Sync Product

Now, we are making it all easy and smooth! 😎

Extract Income Data Seamlessly From Payslips Through ‘Visualize’

We have now made it very easy to extract salary data from payslips in case your customers’ payroll or work systems aren’t accessible. They can now upload their payslips and you can get the salary data extracted over an API and on the dashboard, almost instantly. This will ensure that you can provide the smoothest user experience to your customers by accepting any form of income and employment documentation.

Whats more?

We are seamlessly able to extract 20+ data points across income, profile, identity, and banking details. We also do checks for any contamination.

Tartan Visualize
Visualize Product

Now, your food for thought! 💭

What Do you Think About a Flexible Perk Program for Your Team?

Wouldn’t your employees be excited if you offer them a chance to select their own benefits? Think of an Employee Self-Service Benefits Platform that can enable your employees to buy these custom-made products at the click of a button.

Sounds interesting right!

Now, you can easily sign up on our Benefits waitlist and we’ll set you up with a quick demo.

👉🏼 Don’t wait, go ahead to fill out this form.

👉🏼 In case you want to become our partner and list your products or services on our platform to get discovered by 1000+ businesses, fill out this form.

Tartan Benefits Marketplace
Benefit Marketplace

Have you read our recent blogs?

Lastly, check out our most recent blog How Income Verification has evolved in the Gig Era?

The blog talks about the growing need for income and employment verification for the gig economy, the current roadblocks in this process, and how a payroll connectivity API like Tartan can enable consent-driven income and employment verification in real-time for the gig market.

One last bit, we promise! — Our Star Team Fam

Tartan’s Team Fam
Tartan’s team meeting for the first time in Bangalore IRL

Tartan’s team met for the first time after working remotely after months in Bangalore. We had some fun brainstorming sessions along with amazing nightlife in Bangalore. We at Tartan are super pumped to bring you the next gen market defining product and we hope you are super excited for our next product updates and our success towards achieving our mission.

1️⃣ If you are excited to work with us, we are hiring right now. Check out our job openings https://angel.co/company/tartanhq

2️⃣ Want to learn more about the space we are working in? Read our other interesting blogs — https://tartanhq.medium.co

That’s all for now:)

If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us.




Tartan is an employee consent-driven data exchange platform that enables real-time employment & income verification.